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commercial contracts

We have considerable experience in drafting, negotiating and advising on commercial contracts for clients in many diverse sectors of the business world. We take great care to consider the legal implications of every contractual provision and to structure contracts in a way that minimises our clients’ risks and protects their interests.

It’s so important to seek legal advice from a commercial law attorney before concluding any contract. Once concluded, a contract is legally binding and enforceable and can have costly consequences if the content, scope and implications of the contract were not fully understood at the time it was concluded.

We will gladly review any draft contract you have been asked to sign. After explaining it to you in plain language, we will advise you on the risks and consequences and suggest any changes that need to be made.

Ideally, it’s always best to involve us from the beginning, right at the negotiation stage. Having a tailor-made contract prepared for you will ensure all your commercial needs are met, your risks contained and your interests protected against both the foreseeable as well as the unexpected. To achieve this the contract should be legally compliant and enforceable and its terms should be clear and unambiguous.

By working with us, you have the support of skilled, proactive legal advisors to guide you through the entire contract process, from the first meeting until the final contract has been signed.

When necessary, we also work together with other professionals like chartered accountants, tax experts, actuaries to provide accurate, up to date and specialised assistance for our clients.

Although we invest considerable time, expertise and resources in delivering the best possible service to each client whether big or small, we do so in a cost-effective manner that is focused on affordability.
Commercial contracts prepared by us include: -
Agreements for sale of shares and member’s interest.
Sale of business agreements.
Shareholders’ agreements.
Members’ agreements.
Joint venture agreements.
Partnership agreements.
Loan, surety and other credit agreements.
Commercial lease agreements.
Agency agreements.
Franchising agreements.
Restraint of trade agreements.
Supplier agreements.
Standard terms and conditions.
Non-disclosure agreements.
Memoranda of understanding.
I have reached an agreement with a trusted business partner/friend/family member. Is it really necessary that I incur the cost of having a written contract prepared by an attorney to record the terms of our agreement?
We strongly advise you to record any contract in writing, preferably by a commercial attorney, even if you trust and know the other party well. We have seen it happen many times that business partners, friends and family members do business together or conclude verbal agreements between them, without ever recording or fully discussing the terms of their dealings. A few years later the relationship deteriorates and is eventually terminated, with one or both parties suffering financial losses and the matter ending up in court.
I have been presented with and asked to sign a written contract. I have read through it and find it straightforward and in order. Should I still obtain legal advice from an attorney?
It is important that your own attorney review the draft contract and advise you on the risks and potential consequences of the contract. Most contracts are prepared one-sidedly, to obtain the best advantage for and minimise the risk of the party who instructed the attorney drafting of the contract. Even though the contract might seem straightforward and fine to you, your attorney will be able to highlight any shortcomings in the contract, unfair terms and possible negative consequences that you might not have considered.