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compliance and advice

Our commercial law practice focuses on advising and assisting small and medium enterprises in all business sectors.

We aim to build long-term relationships with our business clients and to help them grow into successful, sustainable businesses.

Complying with all the laws pertaining to a business and mitigating legal risks, can be a daunting task for any business owner, especially as very few have access to in-house legal advisors. Failure to be legally compliant may result in damages claims, penalties and even criminal prosecution, which can cripple or destroy a business and lead to personal liability for the business owner.

Allow our firm to help steer you through the obstacles and risks facing your business. We follow an individual approach to every business client and provide innovative solutions for each. As we know how difficult it is to start a new business, we also offer cost-effective solutions for start-up businesses.
Our business compliance and advice services include the following: -
Compliance with legislation.
Advice on commercial contracts, legislation and other business related matters.
Formation of companies, trusts and other business structures.
Business and transaction structuring.
I own a small business. Must my business comply with the Consumer Protection Act?
In general, the Consumer Protection Act applies to every transaction in South Africa for the supply or potential supply of goods or services for consideration in the ordinary course of business of a supplier. This basically means that all businesses, whether big or small, must comply with the extensive rules and requirements of the Act. The Act will however not apply to the supply of goods and services to customers who are juristic persons (close corporations, companies etc.) whose asset value or annual turnover, at the time of the transaction, equals or exceeds the threshold value of R2 million.
I intend to loan a business partner R200,000.00. I have heard that I do not have to register as a credit provider, as the loan is less than R500,000.00. Is this correct?
No, you must register as a credit provider. Prior to the amendment of the National Credit Act, a person did not have to register as a credit provider if he was the credit provider in less than 100 credit agreements and the total debt due to him in terms of the credit agreements was less than R500,000.00. However, the Act has since been amended to do away with these requirements and a person now must register as a credit provider even if he loans only a small amount to someone.