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Unit 9, Canal Edge 4, Fountain Road, Tyger Waterfront 7530 Bellville, Western Cape
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Claassen Attorneys Incorporated is a dynamic specialist law firm providing expert legal services in the niche areas of property law, family law and commercial law. We practice as family law attorneys/family law layers in Cape Town, Bellville and Durbanville and surrounding areas.

Our firm was born from the desire to do things differently. Our  family law, commercial law and property law attorneys are approachable and accessible to our clients. The lawyers working in our firm better understand the legal requirements of the clients and meet their needs in a modern world.
Why us?
We specialise in property law, family law and commercial law
Law firms, big and small, tend to accept all legal matters referred to them. From criminal cases to divorces, motor vehicle accidents, medical negligence claims, commercial contracts and many more. They do this for financial reasons, and to gain new clients and retain old clients at any cost. We believe it is simply impossible to provide affordable, expert legal advice and assistance across the very broad spectrum of the law. By specialising in family, property and commercial law, we concentrate all our time, resources and efforts to expand our knowledge, skills and know-how in these focused practice areas. That means we provide the same level of service as the biggest law firms, but at a more personal level and a lower cost.
We are hands-on and provide personal professional service
Once you have consulted with us, you can be assured we will always use an experienced attorney to look after you and handle all your queries. This may seem logical but with many firms clients are often handed over to candidate attorneys or legal secretaries in the company. Property transfers are nearly exclusively handled by conveyancing secretaries, and clients’ cases are argued in court by candidate attorneys. When making contact with us you won’t have to speak to a secretary or junior professional. You can expect to deal directly with your attorney, who will attend to your matter personally with great care and skill, rather than delegating matters to junior employees with insufficient expertise.
We are client driven and focus on building long-lasting relationships
We work in partnership with our clients, and look forward to building long-lasting professional relationships based on trust and respect.
We eliminate unnecessary costs to reduce legal fees

AAA grade offices, luxury company cars and other status symbols do not solve clients’ legal problems. Instead they add to clients’ bills, making legal services costly.

We prefer to invest in resources that make a difference to our clients. That means in the continued development and training of our attorneys and supporting personnel; the latest legal and accounting software and IT infrastructure; and a comprehensive legal library.

We still offer our clients comfortable and professional meeting facilities. For convenience we have our offices in the upmarket Tyger Waterfront business district, just north of Cape Town, and easily accessible from all major routes in the area.

Clients will find our pricing policy to be transparent, fair and reasonable.